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With three decades of experience caring for pets, providing vet health for Clairemont Village residents, and anticipating animal health needs over the same amount of time, the Clairemont Village Pet Clinic continues to be your local expert in pet care and preventative health management for your dogs and cats. Our patients from all over San Diego, CA have enjoyed a full-service care approach, including treatment and guidance for pets off the beaten path.

Because we’re able to provide a comprehensive service that includes diagnostics, radiology, lab work, pharmacy support, and even surgery, we are the go-to location for your furry friend’s healthcare.

Experience Makes a Huge Difference in Veterinary Care

Our team combines one of the most experienced and vetted veterinary groups in the area. Led by Dr. Perry Diamond, Clairemont Village Pet Clinic can take on some of the most challenging veterinary tasks, as well as provide standard care services for wellness exams, flea and tick checks, shots and vaccines, parasite treatment, diet and weight management, and dental help. In addition to pet dental examinations and preventative care, we also provide classic spay and neuter support.

As a full-service vet office, Clairemont Village Pet Clinic also sees a heavy number of seasonal pet health issues. That gives us the added edge in dealing with outbreaks and targeted case management on serious pet sickness problems. Of course, we try to help clients and their pets avoid these issues in the first place with a robust preventative care strategy. However, when the classic vaccines and wellness exams aren't enough, we can take on more serious treatment as well.

We Take Care of It All: Teeth, Diet, Shots and Rocks in the Stomach

If you're in the San Diego, CA, area and need a vet that handles straightforward issues like pet dental exams and spay and neuter needs but can also deal with unexpected rock-in-the-stomach surgery, we're here to help. Call Clairemont Village Pet Clinic at 619-275-5752 for your next appointment!

We are always able to take on new patients, and we can handle some of the more exotic species as well versus just the standard dog-cat-hamster clinic. Call or email us today; we'd be happy to answer any questions you have about vet care for your pet.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Dr. Diamond,

    Your compassion and kindness to our "Star" was greatly appreciated."
    Sincerely, Rose Kush
  • "Dr. Diamond,

    I know that I always tell you how wonderful you are to "Nala" and I. But just by the amount of patients you have tells me that other clients feel the same way! You never make us feel like you are rushed. You make sure that we know you care for each and every pet. I have raised many dogs and went to many vets in my lifetime. But never had such a wonderful vet as you. It is very hard to compare any vet to you, because you my friend, are in a class of your own! God bless you, Dr. Diamond. Thank you soooo much for caring about us."
    Sincerely, Michelle & "Nala"
  • "Dear Dr. Diamond and all of your wonderful pet angels,

    I was touched to receive your beautiful card and you all wrote messages! That is incredibly special.As you all are. I am so grateful for your loving expertise with caring for all our dogs, but especially Spike. He lived longer and better thanks to your care. May 28th was a shockingly sad day but I just kept focusing then and now on your kindness and gentleness."
    Rosemari and all the family
  • "Dr Diamond,

    Glen and I are so thankful to you and your wonderful staff for taking such good care of our sweet lil' Brin. Your kindness and gentle treatment of her while she was feeling poorly and trying so hard to recover means more to us than you could imagine. Thank you so much.

    Thank you, your thoughtfulness is appreciated,"
    The Cotten Family