Clairemont Village Pet Clinic: Vaccinations

When people on the responsibility of owning a pet, there are several sides of pet care that all owners need to remember to keep their pet healthy. In addition to plenty of food, water, love, and attention, pet owners need to have preventative care. This ensures that their pet receives an annual checkup and making sure that all pets are up to date on their vaccinations. At Clairemont Village Pet Clinic, we know that vaccines are an important part of health. 

Pet Vaccination

How Do Vaccines Work?

At our pet clinic, we get a lot of questions about how vaccines work. Vaccines are used to protect people and animals against deadly diseases that may harm them. Vaccines train the immune system to recognize and remember foreign invaders.

What Are the Benefits of Vaccines?

Numerous benefits come from vaccinations. The most obvious is that they protect animals and people from deadly diseases, such as rabies. Vaccines effectively protect pets from these diseases. Vaccines can also save you a large amount of money on pet care. The price of vaccines is nothing compared to the bill that some pet owners receive once their animals get sick and require a prolonged hospitalization.

Rely on Our Team at Clairemont Village Pet Clinic

Pet owners need to have a veterinary clinic that they can trust with any of their pets’ needs. That is where we come in. At Clairemont Village Pet Clinic, we work hard to make sure that our team stays up to date on the latest research regarding vaccines and other preventative treatments. If you are in the San Diego or Clairemont, CA, area and are concerned about the health of your pets, call us today to make an appointment!


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Dr. Diamond,

    Your compassion and kindness to our "Star" was greatly appreciated."
    Sincerely, Rose Kush
  • "Dr. Diamond,

    I know that I always tell you how wonderful you are to "Nala" and I. But just by the amount of patients you have tells me that other clients feel the same way! You never make us feel like you are rushed. You make sure that we know you care for each and every pet. I have raised many dogs and went to many vets in my lifetime. But never had such a wonderful vet as you. It is very hard to compare any vet to you, because you my friend, are in a class of your own! God bless you, Dr. Diamond. Thank you soooo much for caring about us."
    Sincerely, Michelle & "Nala"
  • "Dear Dr. Diamond and all of your wonderful pet angels,

    I was touched to receive your beautiful card and you all wrote messages! That is incredibly special.As you all are. I am so grateful for your loving expertise with caring for all our dogs, but especially Spike. He lived longer and better thanks to your care. May 28th was a shockingly sad day but I just kept focusing then and now on your kindness and gentleness."
    Rosemari and all the family
  • "Dr Diamond,

    Glen and I are so thankful to you and your wonderful staff for taking such good care of our sweet lil' Brin. Your kindness and gentle treatment of her while she was feeling poorly and trying so hard to recover means more to us than you could imagine. Thank you so much.

    Thank you, your thoughtfulness is appreciated,"
    The Cotten Family